Belton Bluebonnet Engagement Portrait Session

Bluebonnet Engagement Session

When a Mini Session Just Isn’t Quite Enough!


We were just wrapping up our Spring Bluebonnet Mini Sessions here at the Studio when I received a message asking if we could squeeze in one more appointment.  There was no way I could say no!  Thankfully, we had a beautiful, long season for the Texas State Flower so we set a date and planned to meet up late in the afternoon the following weekend.  When we pulled up to Overlook Park in Belton we found the fields full and fabulous, and the skies were just slightly overcast - a perfect day for portraits!  Emily and Jeff were dressed perfectly for a Springtime session, she in a white sundress and he in a blue button-up shirt with jeans.  They mentioned that this was their first formal photo shoot together, and although it sounded like they might be nervous, when they stepped in front of the camera they were natural pros!



Seriously, how awesome are these two?  As we were wrapping up the Mini Session, Emily confided that they were engaged (eeek!!!) and that they were hoping to use some of the images for their Announcements.  So of course we couldn’t just stop with a couple of poses in one spot!  This “Mini” turned into a full-on Engagement Portrait Session in that moment.  Overlook Park has plenty of gorgeous locations to choose from, so we toured the area and talked about their wedding ideas, their families, and their plans for the future.



With every click of the shutter Emily and Jeff relaxed more and more and it was easy to see that they were having fun.  My photography style calls for traditional poses with spontaneous moments mixed in, for an energetic, lively gallery, and that suited these two perfectly!



As you can see, these two are head over heels for each other and I feel so honored to be a part of the excitement as they plan to join their lives together.  It is moments like these that make me realize that documenting the big important moments, as well as all of the little special memories, truly is my heart calling.  Thank you Emily and Jeff for opening your hearts and for being a part of the La Vie Est Belle Family!



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