Newlyweds, Separated by Duty

Bound By Love

Shaylin and Wayde are not only one of the cutest couples ever, but they also proudly serve our country in the Army Reserves and active duty Army.  Be sure to take the time make the time, to thank a service member for dedicating their life to protecting our freedom.

When the stars align in precisely the perfect formation…when God places two souls in exactly the right place at the right time…when the fates conspire to cross two roads at a particular intersection…love has the potential to bloom into something wonderful.  This is just one chapter in the story of Wayde and Shaylin’s life together.  They met in Basic Training and became friends, and as their affection grew, so did their realization that they belonged together forever.  They decided that they simply couldn’t wait through the planning of a big wedding to be joined together in marriage, so a courthouse ceremony transformed them from two individuals into one family.  The military has a funny way of moving people around, sometimes far away from home, and changing the pace at the least convenient times.  For Wayde and Shaylin that move happened just weeks after they exchanged vows.  That was not the only surprise, however, because soon after, they received news that a deployment was in the very near future.  Just days before they were separated by duty, Shaylin contacted me to take their portraits together, and I instantly knew this was going to be an extra special photo shoot.  From one moment to the next, I learned about their love story, their plans for the future, and the little details that make them so perfect for each other.  I am so thankful that I have met these two very special people, this new little family, and as they navigate the newness of married life, and they triumphs and challenges of military life together, I truly wish for them all of the blessings and happiness this world has to offer.

You may have seen a sneak peek of their portrait session in a previous post (click here), and now, at last, it is time to unveil their full gallery, set to heartfelt music in a very special video that captures the splendid nature of their love.  Get the tissues ready before you click the play button!

(be sure to turn the music on and enjoy in full screen by selecting from the options at the bottom of the movie screen)

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