Spring Children’s Portraits

Bluebonnet Children’s Portrait Session

Springtime in Texas is an incredible display of nature’s bounty.  From fields of colorful wildflowers to lush trees in bloom, the beauty is all around.  It truly is one of my favorite times of the year to shoot outdoors!  This year we had tons of requests for Bluebonnet Portrait Sessions, so for the first time ever we created a special “Mini Session Series” so that everyone could join in the fun during that very limited window while those beautiful blue flowers were in their full glory.

While hunting for the perfect spot to host these Bluebonnet Minis, my dear friend Ali of AliRae Photography told me of a hidden little gem that was like a tiny oasis for wildflowers.  When we walked back there it was like taking a trip to an enchanted fairy garden!  The evening sun shone perfectly through the thick treeline, the flowers were like a blue carpet beneath our feet, and best of all…no traffic.  Kim and her darling girls Emily and Evelyn met me out at the location dressed to perfection with a clear warning: the girls are not crazy about having their picture taken.  Challenge accepted!  We played, explored, and talked about what they wanted to do for their portraits, and each girl even took a turn being my assistant while I photographed the other!  They were absolute dolls, and I couldn’t have asked for a more fun (and beautiful!) family to photograph.  Here are a few highlights of our adventures:

When we finished up the family poses, I asked Emily if she would like to take a few extra photos with a flower crown I designed for just this session, and she excitedly said YES!  So while Mom and Evie gathered their things up, Emily and I found a quiet little spot that she described as “a princess throne”.  The branches of the trees formed a gentle circle behind her, highlighted by the golden leaves of the brush, and she posed regally under them, with the flower crown adorning her dark hair.  In a manner that only new best friends could, we decided to wait to show Mom the final portraits until the big reveal at the gallery showcase (a meeting we have after all of the edits are complete).  As we left our delightful little location she said, “you know, I don’t like having my picture taken, but this was the best day ever.”

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