Riverside Wedding In Llano, Texas

Meet Me Down By The River

Mary & John

There are no words to describe how lovely this wedding celebration was. Family and friends gathered for a weekend getaway deep in the heart of Texas at a private residence on the river. The quaint cabins, tucked away in the trees, were filled with smiles and laughter as the Bride and Groom prepared for the day ahead. In the main house overlooking the property, the reception food was prepared from scratch and the couple’s puppy, Dolly, paced in anticipation.

Down on the riverbank, long tables were adorned with delicate flowers and wooden place settings, while strands of lights and festive banners blew in the breeze overhead. The dance floor was laid out under a large tent where the bluegrass band set up their gear and tuned their instruments. The air was filled with colorful butterflies and the guests chuckled at the tree that had been overtaken by fuzzy caterpillars.

At last, John was escorted to the dirt path where he would see Mary for the first time in her delicate wedding gown. She smiled as she walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder, and when he turned around they wrapped their arms around each other. For a few brief moments they stood together watching their loved ones make their way to the ceremony site.

Mary’s father James arrived to escort her, and John went on ahead to await his bride. As they walked down the hill, the guests turned and beamed with joy. Yellow streamers with bells waved through the air as she joined hands with John and they read their vows to each other.

Cheers and claps rang out over the field when the officiant announced the couple husband and wife.  Even Dolly chimed in with happy barks as the newlyweds sealed their promises with a kiss!  The two walked over to a patch of shade to revel in their joy and guests followed closely behind, congratulating them.

Everyone made their way through the reception line, sampling delicious bites of ribs, pork, vegetable dishes, and other treats.  In the heat of the afternoon, lemonade, Lone Star Beer, and samplings of flavorful punch were a cool relief under the tent.  The Showmen Bluegrass Extraordinaire, a trio of talented men with the gift of great music, filled the air with the sweet sound of banjo, guitar, and bass.

With dinner finished, it was time for speeches from siblings and friends, cake, and plenty of dancing.  A bonfire glowed brightly to one side, and campsites were set up for those who chose to spend the night.  John twirled Mary joyfully around the dance floor and the celebration lasted well into the late night hours.  As the fog started to settle in and the wine bottles ran dry, guests retreated into their cabins and tents to the sound of crickets and frogs croaking in the brush.

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